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Travelling around with the Double Bass

* Updated 27th Oct 2021

I've briefly mentioned about the Bass Buggie by KC Strings from my previous post here.

What the Bass Buggie does for me is that it saves me energy required from having to lug the bass around from one end of a venue to the other, really useful if I am going to have a long day of playing ahead.

This a video done by K.C. String Violin Shop to how to mount it on properly onto the double bass, and how to manoeuvre with it.

As you can see it's extremely easy to strap the buggie on/off.

Another alternative I've seen in Singapore would be the Eastman Presto Soft Case with wheels, model CB60.

Pictures taken from Linda West:

Quite frankly,I haven't had the chance to use this case before.

But judging from the pictures it seems like the small wheels wouldn't be able to hold its ground well on thick-carpeted areas or rough terrains.

And there also seems to be an inherent risk of causing rapid wear and tear to the bottom part of the gig bag, partly because of the small wheels, and then constantly dragging it around.

However, the gig bag does seem to be of decent quality with thick foam padding.

I couldn't really find a review for the Eastman CB60 except for the sale links (as of original post date 27th July 2016, and today).

So if anyone has got the chance to use it please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

This a review of the Bass Buggie done by Animato Strings:

More info on the Bass Buggie can be found here.

The Bass Buggie is available in Singapore through BassLoft and Synwin.

Do check it out if you are interested to find out more!


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