Double Bass Lessons

double bass lessons

Love the thumpy sound of the double bass? 

Not sure where/how to start?

CCA sessions not enough to build a better foundation?


No worries!

Contact us for a trial lesson today!

* Lessons are also available online via Zoom at the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!


Foundation (Level 0)

  • Proper standing posture 

  • Music Reading (Bass Clef)

  • Pizzicato on Open Strings

  • Bow holding (French/German)

  • Arco on Open Strings


Beginner (Level 1)

  • Pressing of notes on left hand 

  • Major scales (One Octave)

  • Pizzicato on Stopped Notes

  • Simple Bowing Rudiments and Notation


Intermediate (Level 2)

  • Major and minor scales (Two Octaves)

  • Arpeggios

  • Sight-Reading, Leadsheet-Reading

  • Exploration in different music genres

  • Advanced bowing rudiments