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Exploring Double Bass Transport Options in Singapore

* Updated 23rd Apr 2022

Hi everyone, hope you guys are doing well.

I am going to address a problem that double bass players would constantly face, which is transporting the bass from Point A to Point B.

This is a video of how you could load up the bass if you have a sedan or a hatchback:

With the first method of reclining the front seat, you could still have a passenger sitting at the back.

What if you do not have access to your own vehicle? The next alternative would be public transportation.


If it's a Wheelchair-Accessible Bus, I can get onto the bus from the back door, tap my card and occupy the wheelchair area during off-peak hours. Usually I do so for short distance travel.


Some friends have attempted to bring the double bass up to the MRT only to be met with scorn (and/or astonishment) from fellow passengers.

If you have really no choice but to attempt that, I'd suggest you do it during off-peak hours.

However, station managers would be entitled to stop you regardless of peak or off-peak so it really depends on your luck.


Now this will be the most viable option if we decide not to become "Public Enemy No. 1".

Even so, some of the cab drivers will still show you "black face".

So rather than flagging the taxi off the street, I'd usually call or use the app to make a booking. And under comments section(if any) I'd usually put "Instru Transport" or anything along those lines.

Sedan Cab

This is how I'd normally transport the bass, usually I bring it around with the Bass Buggie.

Following the instructions of the previous video, this is how it'd end up on the sedan cab, while I'm seated directly behind the cab driver.

7-Seater Maxi-Cab

*As of recent years (blog post date), I haven't seen a lot of SMRT Maxi-Cabs around.

This is the most comfortable option, the last row seats and second row middle seat (room for the neck and scroll) can be reclined completely, and you will be able to seat a total of 3 passengers (1 front